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   Dream Prediction Elite Version -Wallet- by Paul Romhany

Precio $ 125.00 USD

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Características del Producto

El mago enseña una predicción dentro de un sobre que tiene una ventana, el mismo que puede ser sostenido por un espectador quien menciona CUALQUIER abrir el sobre todo coincide...SENSACIONAL

You place an envelope containing a prediction in full view of your audience. A spectator can hold or place the prediction on a table. (The envelope containing the prediction has a clear window so the prediction can be seen in the envelope the ENTIRE TIME!)

Next, you ask your spectators to name ANYTHING! And this means ANYTHING. ( Lottery numbers, Names, Destinations, Dreams or anything that suits your presentation)

Upon opening the envelope the spectator reads the prediction out loud and EVERYTHING matches 100%.
The prediction is given to the spectator to keep as a reminder of the moment you predicted their deepest thoughts...





 * 100% RELIABLE!

 * 100% ACCURACY!




 * DVD - Includes: Handling, Routines, In-Depth Ideas & Live Performances!
Includes everything you need right out of the box!

*Gimmicked envelopes have been designed by Mark Parker & Paul Romhany & produced by Alan Wong.

What People are saying...

"DREAM PREDICTION ELITE is the realization of true amazement in your audiences reactions. This is PURE GOLD - A REAL WINNER"- Banachek

"This is the ONLY Confabulation set-up I use in close-up situations - the quality of the envelopes and the wallet is top notch. Highly recommended!!" - Keith Barry

"This is by far one of the strongest open prediction routines I have seen. I never leave home without DREAM PREDICTION ELITE. The best version of any confabulation style routine for walk-about or parlor performances." - Neal Scryer




"The prediction can be shown to have predicted literally anything the spectator names. Considering how well made everything included is, the overall product quality, the clarity of effect, the realistic and doable method along with the main instructions, this is a very solid product."
Jeff Stone


"Paul Romhany has created a wallet and routine that allows you to perform an astounding prediction...his brilliant use of an envelope creates a powerful convincer."
Wayne Kawamoto


"If you like Confabulation-type effects and have ever wanted a version for close-up work (or even parlor/stage if you make up the props) that is straightforward, easy to do and takes up little space, this is the version for you. "
Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz


"Close-up Magicians will love adding this to their repertoire, Stage Mentalists will probably hate the fact that one of their prized possessions is now available to the strolling/table-hopping magician. Highly recommended"
Phil Shaw


"I am a big fan of the original Dream Prediction that Paul put out many years ago. This is a big step up from the original effect and works great for both close up and parlor/stage venues. I highly recommend it."


"A practical method for performing a classic effect in close-up situations- but the climax is in the hands of the audience."
David Regal


" not only get a great routine, you get classy props that appear very innocent, and you get to openly predict several freely-named items at every presentation."
Jim Kleefeld


"Dream Prediction Elite is meant to fulfill something fantastic. And with the right presentation, it very well could."
Jared Kopf